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Greene County and the Southwest Missouri Council of Governments (SMCOG; pronounced: ‘sim-cog’) are excited to facilitate an open house and prioritization survey to gather public input for the East Highway 60 Corridor Land Use Plan. The Corridor Land Use Plan aims to serve as a guiding document for Greene County, providing direction on various aspects such as land use, economic development, future facilities and services, and other improvements to the corridor.

The Open House will be held this evening, July 27, 2023, from 5 PM to 7 PM. To participate please come see us at the Rogersville High School FEMA Room, located at 300 N Missouri Blvd, Rogersville, MO 65742. Attendees can enter on the southeast side of the building through the glass door entrance.

This is a come-and-go style open house, where citizens can provide comments through interactive exhibits covering the goals and objectives to help guide decisions for Greene County staff and policymakers. The planning process requires public input and involvement which are essential to ensure the final plan genuinely represents the preferences of residents and regular corridor users.

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