Board of Directors

The SMCOG Board of Directors is made up of one representative from each member city and county along with non-government members that represent key partners and stakeholders. Governmental Board members serve a term of two years, and non-governmental board members are selected by a nominating committee and appointed annually by the Governmental members. State Representatives and State Senators of the SMCOG region serve as ex-officio, nonvoting members of the Board.


The SMCOG Executive Committee is composed of the Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary/Treasurer, the Immediate Past Chair, and at least two but not more than four additional members of the Council who may be government or non-government representatives, that the majority of the Executive Committee shall be government representatives. The Executive Committee is elected annually by the SMCOG Board of Directors.

Executive Committee Members

Allen D. Kunkel, CEcD

Christopher J. Coulter, AICP

Steve Childers

Todd M. Wiesehan

Chris Berndt 

Dennis Pyle 

Associate VP for Economic Development

Missouri State University

County Administrator

Greene County


City Administrator 

City of Ozark


Christian County Resource Management Dept.


Fire Chief  

Taney County Emergency Manager  

City Administrator 

City of Monett