Missouri State University’s Center for Resource Planning and Management is an applied research center for MSU’s Geography, Geology, and Planning Department. The Center has a statewide mission in public affairs and administers the Southwest Missouri Council of Governments (SMCOG), a Regional Planning Commission serving a 10-county region with over 60 units of local governments including the City of Springfield and the metro area.

Our office takes pride in cultivating an innovative and diverse work environment and offers great employment benefits through the University including free college credits for the employee, spouse, or dependents; health, vision, dental, and life insurance; and extensive continuing education opportunities

Our office is looking to fill our Recovery Coordinator position.

The Recovery Coordinator completes tasks to implement long term recovery efforts from disaster events with a focus on economic recovery for the 10-county region served by the Southwest Missouri Council of Governments (SMCOG). The Recovery Coordinator develops local and/or regional long-term recovery plans and coordinates efforts to implement those plans among government agencies, stakeholder organizations, and businesses. The Recovery Coordinator oversees a federally-funded Revolving Loan Fund that supports job creation and retention by leveraging public and private investment for specific projects in the region. The Recovery Coordinator identifies public funding sources to implement recovery and resilience projects and works with other staff to develop grant applications and project proposals, such as improving access to broadband, expanding workforce training programs, promoting diversification of local economies, infrastructure improvements, etc. The Recovery Coordinator assists economically distressed communities and stakeholder organizations throughout the SMCOG 10-county region, conducts outreach and education to rural and/or marginalized groups to ensure they take full advantage of available funding opportunities for unmet needs within our communities, prioritizes potential projects, and assists with the grant application process. The Recovery Coordinator provides technical assistance to local governments in administering state and federally-funded grants related to economic development, economic recovery, disaster mitigation, resiliency, public health and safety, transportation, water and wastewater systems, and other planning and implementation projects to include completion of environmental reviews and impact studies, analysis of census and other statistical data, review of project budgets, coordination of assurances, writing project narratives, and reporting to local elected officials or boards on project progress.

Complete job description can be viewed through the link below and applications must be completed online.

Recovery Coordinator - $40,000 - $47,394 annually





Check back for employment opportunities. These will be posted as they come available.

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