Missouri State University’s Center for Resource Planning and Management is an applied research center for MSU’s Geography, Geology, and Planning Department. The Center has a statewide mission in public affairs and administers the Southwest Missouri Council of Governments (SMCOG), a Regional Planning Commission serving a 10-county region with over 60 units of local governments including the City of Springfield and the metro area.

Our office takes pride in cultivating an innovative and diverse work environment and offers great employment benefits through the University including free college credits for the employee, spouse, or dependents; health, vision, dental, and life insurance; and extensive continuing education opportunities

Our office is looking to fill up to 5 positions for Planner, Associate Planner, and/or Senior Planner. Positions are based on years of experience and supervisory responsibilities. Each position will have a different focus area, though many areas of focus overlap and most projects are completed through a collaborative process.

Areas of focus include:

  1. Transportation Planning for rural portions of the SMCOG region and advisory roles for the Springfield Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) and MoDOT Southwest District. This position would also assist in writing or updating comprehensive plans, land use regulations, and transportation-related grant applications.

  2. Economic Development Planning for the entire SMCOG region. This position may oversee programs for SMCOG as the federally-designated Economic Development District for SW Missouri and will provide technical assistance to local governments and Economic Development Organizations (EDOs) within the region. This position would also assist in writing or updating comprehensive plans; economic development strategies; and economic development, recovery, and resiliency grant applications.

  3. Disaster Recovery, Hazard Mitigation, and Resiliency Planning for the SMCOG region and/or statewide. This position will assist with statewide efforts to recover from extensive flooding and help regions implement recovery and resiliency projects. The position will also manage hazard mitigation plans for 9 counties and assist with writing grant applications for hazard mitigation and/or recovery project. This position may also assist with the Regional Homeland Security Oversight Committee (RHSOC) in disbursing grant funds to local and regional organizations through the Homeland Security program.

  4. Long-term economic recovery planning and implementation in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. This position will steer a Long-Term Recovery Committee to identify, prioritize, and implement economic recovery efforts for the SMCOG region.

  5. General grant writing and administration. This position will help write and administer grants for economic development, community development, infrastructure, disaster recovery, and more. The position may also provide planning assistance as needed. Knowledge of EDA and CDBG programs is preferred for this position.


Please apply for the Planner, Associate Planner, or Senior Planner position that meets your experience level and indicate areas of focus that are of interest to you within your letter of interest along with first date of availability to begin employment.

Job descriptions can be viewed through the links below and applications must be completed online.

Planner, $35,568 – $43,500 (0-1 year experience): https://jobs.missouristate.edu/postings/49909

Associate Planner, $40,000 – $48,500 (at least 1 year professional experience): https://jobs.missouristate.edu/postings/49904

Senior Planner, $45,000 – $58,000 (at least 4 years’ experience and AICP certification obtained or achievable within 2 years or hire): https://jobs.missouristate.edu/postings/49905



Check back for employment opportunities. These will be posted as they come available.


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