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City of Crane Request for Proposals for Demolition and Asbestos Inspections

Request for Proposals

Demolition and/or Asbestos Inspections

The City of Crane requests proposals for demolition and/or asbestos inspection services to assist in a potential project financed in part with Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds. The project consists of the demolition of 13 residential structures and 1 commercial vacant dilapidated structure throughout the community.


In accordance with CDBG policy, the City of Crane must procure services for various inspections of structures prior to demolition. The project consists of demolition of 13 residential structures and 1 commercial vacant dilapidated structure throughout the community; specific properties are listed in Attachment 1. Requested services, and relevant requirements, include:

1. Demolition Inspection

a. Conduct and complete a checklist to document a preliminary inspection of each structure and determine deficiencies in each structure

b. Prepare a scope of work and obtain an assessment from the asbestos inspector, if different from the demolition inspector

c. Prepare cost estimate, bid documents, and other contract provisions

d. Collaborate with the City, grant administrator, and asbestos inspector, if separate, as necessary to ensure CDBG requirements, DNR asbestos and waste disposal regulations are met

e. Assist the City with regard to the solicitation bids

f. Represent the City during the demolition and clean-up phase of the project

g. Prepare change orders

h. Approve requests for payments

i. Inspect project progress

j. Provide Certificate of Completion

k. Report to the grant administrator periodically on the progress of the project

l. Attend monitoring visits conducted by CDBG

2. Asbestos Inspection

a. The specialized experience and technical competence of the firm with respect to asbestos assessment and inspection services and related work. The firm must be currently licensed and remain licensed with Missouri Department of Natural Resources until project completion.

b. Past performance of firm with respect to such factors as accessibility to clients, quality of work, and ability to meet schedules.

c. Knowledge of and compliance with State of Missouri Department of Natural Resources, reporting, and notification documents.

d. Cost of services should be calculated on a per unit basis.

e. References from previous clients of related work with the firm within the past five years.

f. Copy of current MO DNR Asbestos Inspection license

g. Requested services for the asbestos inspection include the identification of any and all materials that may need abatement and proper disposal to conform with all applicable Missouri DNR regulations, as specified in PUB2157 “Asbestos Requirements for Demolition and Renovation Projects”.

Companies may address any combination of the two inspection services in their proposal, though preference will be given to companies that can provide both. The demolition inspector cannot be the demolition contractor and the asbestos inspector cannot be the asbestos abatement contractor.


The following stipulations must be used in the inspection process:

1. Asbestos inspections may begin at time of contract execution; the selected company will be given a notice to proceed.

2. The selected company, or companies, will be given a notice to proceed with demolition inspections.

3. All inspections and associated reports must meet the minimum standards of the relevant licensing agency.


Asbestos inspections should be completed within two weeks of receiving a notice to proceed with all applicable reports made available in a timely manner. Demolition inspections should be completed immediately after notice to proceed with all applicable reports made available in a timely manner.


Please submit quotations on a per property, per service basis.

Furthermore, please address each of the following within your bid package:

1. Licensed to conduct business in the State of Missouri by the Missouri Secretary of State's Office. If the proposal includes asbestos inspection services, provide a copy of a current Missouri DNR Asbestos Inspection license.

2. Specialized experience and technical competence of the firm with respect to working on CDBG-funded demolition projects and/or other demolition projects.

3. Past record of performance of the firm with respect to factors like accessibility to clients, quality of work, ability to meet schedules, and communication/coordination skills.

4. The firm's proximity to and familiarity with the Crane area

5. List of references for related work within the past five (5) years

6. Proof that the selected firm does not employ illegal aliens, pursuant to the provisions of House Bill 1549 (described below).

Interested firms should submit a sealed bid to:

Re: CDBG Inspection Services City of Crane

ATTN: Tina Didreckson

120 N. Commerce

P.O. Box 17

Crane, MO, 65633-0017

The above information should be submitted no later than 4:00pm, May 11, 2022.

For more information, contact city clerk, Tina Didreckson at (417) 723-8305 ext 102.

The City of Crane is an Equal Opportunity Employer and invites the submission of proposals from minority and women-owned firms.


Pursuant to Missouri House Bill 1549 involving employment to illegal aliens, the successful firm, prior to contract, must provide an affidavit and documentation affirming that the business entity is enrolled and participates in the E-Verify/Basic Pilot, as well as an affidavit affirming that the business entity does not knowingly employ illegal aliens. This is a new state law beyond the city's control.

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